TRANSFORM The Rest Of The Year

& The Rest of Your Life

If someone came up to you right now and, and plopped in your lap,  the EXACT plan she used to make $8,520.00 in just 14 days, would you stop to listen?

Or would you just hand it back to her?

Don’t bother answering that question just yet because right now, you’re seriously going to want to take some life changing notes.  In fact, you’re going to learn exactly why every how to course sold by so called gurus out there is actually holding you back instead of helping you, and how to turn that all around for yourself on a dime.

We’re talking a complete transformation… and it begins right now in this video.

 Hi Suzi Phillips and maybe you know me as the Rebel Money Maker because I’m known to many people as one of the fastest quick fire backwards thinking success stories. 

Here's what I mean by that…

In just 31 days I was already making over 33,457.14 per month and in  3 ½ months, I  did over $117,000

Could an income like this change your life?

Why so fast?

It's because I fired the gurus who were selling pipe dreams to me, and starting doing the exact opposite of what they were telling me to do.  I still do everything  differently from what most so called online experts are teaching.

And that has made all the difference in the world for me.  And it is the number 1 reason why others I’ve helped who have struggled to make their first sale… finally saw everything turn around for them too. 

Now I could show you screenshot after screen shot of my earnings…. But for those of you who already know me, you know that there is something else that’s more impressive that that… something I’m even more proud of.. and that’s the success of my customers. 

I’ve hung around the internet long enough to know that what people really want to know is… if the methods actually bring positive results to their lives and the lives of their families. 

Stories like these:



 "$24,931.09... My Biggest Month Ever!"

Hi Suzi,

It's Sara again. I had to send a BIG Thank You to you. Your rebel techniques played a HUGE role in my biggest month ever!

So far in Just June my new site has processed 241 sales and grossed $24,931.09

It could never have happened if wasn't your apprentice.

Sara L.

"$4,350 In Sales In 24 Hours"

Hi Suzi,

First off I just want to say thank you so much!

The techniques I'm learning as an apprentice have already played a BIG part in helping me make $4,350 in sales in just 24 hours using just one of the methods you've taught me!!

As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe. It seems a lifetime ago I was a brand new apprentice and I was glued to the training with my smile getting larger and wider with each new concept you shared with me. I quickly realized that as long as I APPLIED what I was learning I was going to make something BIG happen!

Little did I know just HOW BIG it would be in this one single achievement. It's like you said... mistakes don't matter when using the correct method. Perfection isn't the point. Action is the point.

You gave some absolute gems of advice in the apprentice lab.

Thanks Again!

Ravi A.

"$14,169 and 4,099 Opt in Members In Just 7 Days"
Hi Suzi,

I’ve implemented 4 methods in the apprentice training I've learned so far and the amazing results are wonderful.

The method for my latest implementation from your training session was so easy I just couldn't wait to use it. I just followed exactly what you told me to do and that in just 7 days, I made $14,169 in sales and added a whopping 4,099 new opt in members to my list.

And I'm really excited about my subscribers... they send me messages every day thanking me for what I've given them. And to think that I never spent a dime to these 4099 people to my income stream!

Thanks for sharing your tactics and techniques. It's all totally changed my online presence FOREVER.

Anyone who is serious about being successful online MUST enroll in your amazing apprentice program because it truly puts the power of results at your fingertips.

D. Braillard

"$41,557.00 In Sales In 2 Months!
Hey Suzi,

I'm on cloud nine!!

First, I must say THANK YOU! I am deeply grateful to have you as a coach, and I'm truly blessed by this amazing training you're sharing with your apprentices.

I've been marketing online part-time for a few years... trying this and that... Always starting, but never finishing.

Then last year in August I was let go from my job and I knew that I didn't want to go back to the "real world". I knew that there was opportunity online, but I had never finished anything before.

Then along came the Make a Million Apprentice Program and my life will never be the same...

I sort of took my time during the first couple of months, just trying to soak everything up. now it's month 7 and the during the last 2 months, I've earned $41,557.00 In Sales.

The methods you teach in the training sessions are simple but effectiveness.

Thank you again!

Theresa A.

"From $0 to $65,000 In A Few Short Months..."


Hi Suzi,

Before I enrolled in the Make a Million apprentice program , I hadn't sold a single thing online.

The techniques in your Make a Million Apprentice labreally opened my eyes to what was possible, and, more importantly, showed me how to do it.

Using the techniques you outlined, I have gone from no sales at all, to over $65k in sales in just a few short months, and it's still climbing. I still get a big grin every morning when I count up the previous days sales.

ANYONE could take your techniques and be successful online. They don't have to be rich. They don't have to be clever. They just need to follow the techniques you show them.

Would I enroll in it again? Yes, of course I would.

I'd even pay the triple the price again, so, at such an insanely low price as you are offering here, it is an absolute no-brainer.

Best regards,

"$31,267 and 7,144 Opt in Members In Just 30 Days


Hi Suzi,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the Make A Million Apprentice Program!

The Apprentice lab is a work of pure genius.

Well, to make a long story short, I've been following the easy training sessions, worked on the projects and my life totally changed... I was able to generate more than $31,267 in sales, and build a list of over 7,144 subscribers in just under 30 days! At last count, I have 841 paid members but that number is growing daily along with my subscribers.

I'm totally blown away, and any time anyone asks me for a quick and effective way to get the kind of results I have, I immediately tell them to look into the Make A Million Apprentice program.

Thanks again Suzi. I owe you one!


These testimonials are just a few of the reasons why My very own customers  have become my biggest affiliates because the stuff I teach gets blockbuster results

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking you'd love to have YOUR name up there...with all these success stories...

And the truth is...YOU CAN!

These folks have NO special advantage over you….

You are just as smart...just as capable as they are…

The only difference between them and you is this:

They jumped at the chance to work side by side with me and be one of my apprentices, and by doing so, they learned  the methods that ACTUALLY worked in the real world…and I helped them  put those methods  into practice).

And in a few short're going to have that exact same insider advantage.

But first, lets’ take a step back and think about the reason that brought you here…

You came here from an email list, a blog post, or just surfing the web...because you're desperate to learn how to make REAL money online…

You either lost your job…or want to leave your job…or your job isn't paying the bills like they used too…

You’ve seen other people harness the power of the internet to make incredible money online

But for some reason it hasn't worked for you yet...


And your family may secretly think you're crazy for trying to start a career online...

And their doubts about your ability to live your internet lifestyle dream  are always floating around in your head.  And it’ digs at you inside just a little, doesn’t it?

But you continue to believe that you can do it.

And you're determined to prove to them...and to yourself that it is possible…that you CAN and WILL make this work…

And you know what… .you are not alone….  In fact, over 80% of the people who try to make money on the internet, never make a single penny.  90%!

And there is a reason why you are here on this site right now…. Why you’re still buying how-to programs, courses and ebooks instead of selling them.

There's a REASON why you're still LEARNING …instead of teaching it like you should be...

The reason is… all of those how to courses and programs out there,  simply  failed to how to!  Is it any wonder your’ still trying to figure things out online?

Let me show you exactly what I mean with three PRACTICAL examples...

Examples you can benefit from RIGHT NOW….to open your mind to a whole new world of money making opportunities online.

First of all, let me clear the air and show you how distracted you’ve been in your pursuit for online success

Distraction #1:  Hunting for Traffic Methods


Face it!  Everybody is obsessed with driving traffic!  And that obsession quickly starts with the realization that without traffic, you can’t make any sales. 

And so it begins…. you get sucked in by those fast pitches boasting the latest and greatest traffic sources and strategies on

Twitter/ Facebook



Article Marketing

and of course…

that Magical Traffic Software and  those sneaky traffic scripts.

They all look pretty convincing, don't they?

Until you actually try them out.

You quickly find that most don't work as advertised.

And the ones that work at all take forever to figure out,


But here’s what the gurus selling all that stuff don’t tell you….There are so many people using Google Adwords and Facebook that the only way you can make any money on them is to be among the top 1% of the advertisers using those traffic sources.  How in the world can you compete with all of them…?  Especially if you are just a beginner?



I’ve run down that road, and that’s why I know so much about the problems there are with that kind of traffic.  And believe me… It’s not a fun road to be on at all because it’s full of disappointment and failure. 

So what do you do?  How do you compete? 

Well, remember, you’re listening to a rebel money maker here… which means the answer is by thinking backwards.  Right? 

Yes.  The answer is to flip that scenario around… and what do you get?  Well… instead of fighting over that 1% spot…. All you do is let those 1%er’s send the traffic to you, for you. 

See…. Wasn’t that slick?  Let the experts at driving traffic do just that, and let them channel it right to our site….

And even better…. Only pay those traffic experts AFTER they’ve made a profit for us! 

You see the beauty here?  You don’t have to know a darn thing about facebook, twitter, adwords, social bookmarking or banners, or any of that… and you still get all the wonderful benefits of the power of all of that kind of traffic just the same… with virtually no risk on your part!

Remember, there are literally  THOUSANDS of people who already know how to use all of this traffic, and even more  willing to learning how to use it… So if you’re not one of them…

Doesn’t it only make sense to position yourself where you receive the traffic they are digging up?  Just let them do all of that!

This is exactly what I've been able to do in my business.

And if you stick with me….I'm going to show you how to be in that position.

And you can start from scratch

You don’t need a list

You don’t need to be some kind of expert

You can be a complete nobody

It's FAR easier than you think when you know what you're doing

Let's move on to the next big mental shift…

Distraction #2:  Pitch Mania – Avoid It Like The Plague!

Just about every marketer is sucked into this plague that I call Pitch Mania 

Thousands of new marketers are sucked in by the massive profits…and the excitement of the Pitch Fest.  And I think it’s because they didn’t know that there is a better way to market. 

And here's why it never works for most marketers…

Just take a look at your email junk folder.  And how many times have you changed your email address just to escape an avalanche of spam? 

Every hour on the hour… every search engine, every social media site is plagued with it. 

Ever wondered what ever happened to safelists?  Ever wondered why they get just about ZERO conversions or even clicks on a mail out? 

Well, its’ obvious isn’t it?  The people on those lists are so sick and tired of pitches flung at them….. what are the odds that  they  even visit that inbox anymore?  Pretty Slim don’t you think?

Just imagine for a moment you are a prospect looking to solve a big problem, instead of finding a solution,  you're bombarded with pitch after pitch online, all day through emails, online videos and social media. 

Now a pitch is absolutely  the last thing in the world you want... right?  

But that is exactly what every single marketer on the planet is doing... they are pitching this way and that way. 

And I know this is something you know all about… and that’s because every single day… we’re all literally swamped with spam messages coming at us from all angles and all directions, pitching every imaginable (and a few unimaginable) offers in the universe.   And every day we end up spending more time clicking the delete button than actually reading any messages in there.  Honestly, it’s  awful and it really irritates me. I know you know the feeling because nobody is immune from this epidemic. Nobody!

And you know… search engines have even caught the disease too.  Sure, they’re always working on trying to fix it… and trying to outsmart the spammers, but  It’s become increasingly hard to simply type in a search phrase, expecting to get some valuable piece of information answering a question. 
Instead, when type in a  query now and the search engines, the results  are often tainted with rubbish and pathetic sales pitches. Not really what we’re  looking for. Not at all!


Once again everyone's taking the most difficult route…and getting paltry results.

It's completely backwards.

Let's flip that around... and see what happens.

Instead of pitching, be a hero to someone who needs a solution, by giving them tips, tricks and solutions for free.    Do that and you'll win the crowd because you've gained instant credibility and instant trust.  It's actually really easy to do. But the most intriguing thing is how easily we can get even with those annoying spam flingers, and crush them into oblivion, all while I started banking massive amounts of money in the process.

Getting people to trust you and buy from you doing it this way is far easier than you can imagine.

That means your profits stay high and you sleep well at night...knowing exactly what tomorrow holds...

For instance I speak to you…I know my business will generate about 350 opt-ins, and 17 new people into just one of my programs.

And I also know it'll be about the same tomorrow.

And whether I work this week or decide to go out and play…I’ll still get about 350 new subscribers and about 17 new people into just one of my programs.


And I do it simply by giving people what they want.  I give them good solid answers.  I give them solutions to their problems.  I help them get the results they desperately need.  And so by giving first, the sale always results.  This is a simple concept that everybody else in the marketing world does the other way around.  I believe they have it backwards and as soon as they flip that around, they will get much better results even if they are asking themselves “How Can I Make a Million”, if they just flip it around, they’ll be able to make a million.

Distraction #3:  Following The Crowd

Everybody out there right now is teaching that you need to  go for the low hanging fruit, target long tail keywords, go after obscure niches with the hope that they'll break in to the profits by avoiding competition.  But here's the facts:  that is not where the money is... and it's pretty hard, if not impossible to make a million dollars in a year that way.  Sure, you can make paltry profits if you don’t mind scrounging around for the bread crumbs..  But if you are after the big income…. Like making a million dollars in a year… then you’ve got to go where the money is…  And that's because The money is in the big niches, the money is in the really competitive keywords and the big profits are in the keywords that get tons of searches.   So, when it comes keywords, niches and competition, I flip the whole thing around and do the exact opposite of what everybody is teaching and doing.  That is to say.. I go after the really big markets… I go after the really popular keywords, and I dive right into the middle…  competition.  

The experts aren't teaching how to break into the big markets where all the money is because either they are lazy or they have no idea how to do it themselves.  They have no idea how to flip it around.  Think it's hard? Well, actually no it isn’t.  .  In fact… Right now, I’m thinking of 2 different times I’ve gone after a couple of the most popular keywords in the make money online niche  …. And I’m talking really popular keywords..  Words that get  over 100k searches a month, and I take that keyword (which was not a long tail keyword by the way), and put up a very simple little piece of content for the web and depending on where I placed that content.. at best, I quickly ranked  on the first page of google for that keyword in a matter of minutes… and at worst, I rank on the first page of Google the very next day for that keyword… all without breaking a sweat… all without spending a single penny.  And you know… this stuff is so easy to do, no matter what market, no matter how much competition there already is out there in the market.  No matter how tough the experts tell you it  is to rank for the popular and profitable keywords.  

I know dozens of well respected marketers that spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every single day (if you can imagine that) on such things as tricky pay per click adwords. Just to get some clicks on a few very profitable keywords.  And  personally, I don’t have the stomach for that kind of waste.  I don’t care if they do turn a profit… What I see is waste in all of the non converting clicks that they paid good money for… And I also think about how wasteful that is because in a matter of minutes, I can rank on the first page of google for those very same keywords, without spending a dime… and the funniest thing is… I can flat out guarantee I get better conversions than they do! 

So before I’d ever spend a single penny on an adwords click, and in essence, before totally buying into Google, I flip it around and let Google buy into Me, so to speak. 

When you make that shift…

Magic starts to happen.

All of a sudden people start flooding your website like it’s from their closest friend.

They'll start buying what you recommend even if they're NOT interested in this product.

Now I hope you jotted those three lessons down…because they are the keys to unlocking a whole new world of profits.

But what I’ve just showed you is just the tip of the iceberg…

There are dozens of other critical aspects of internet marketing that turn the marketing world on it’s head and put you in a backwards frame of mind.


And as soon as you flip it around…making money online becomes FUN…and almost effortless.

But, here's the thing....and this is what will make the gurus really made at me for telling you...  

The gurus are all over the place selling their how to courses, software, and stuff to people KNOWING that 80% of their customers will do absolutely NOTHING with their stuff.  That’s right… statistics show that A full 80% will fail with their how to info product because they never hit the 'start' button! And what's worse... those gurus think there is NO Problem with that huge failure rate!  They think that such a huge failure rate on their products is NORMAL and that it's not THEIR problem or their fault.  I don’t know about you, doesn’t a little voice inside, tell you there’s something wrong with that?   Well, shouldn't those gurus be HAUNTED by that voice for ripping off 80% of their customers?  Meanwhile.... I'm sitting here thinking about the that gigantic 80% of the pie… which I can’t stop thinking about what a huge and wonderful asset that 80% really is… and I’m sitting here wondering why the experts don’t care about that giant 80% asset ?

And so … the beginning of the year I decided it was finally time that the 80% got some help from somebody who cared about them and somebody who could give them the results they desperately need. 

So I decided to raise the bar. 

AFTER ALL, that’s what a business leader does. That’s what the Googles and the Facebooks of the world do.  They raise the bar.  so I say.... why not Become SOMEONE great!  We’ve all seen the movies and read the books. Legends of heroism, bravery like Merlin, Arthur, The Dark Knight, the Karate Kid and so on.  stories of the poor and down trodden who have a chance learn and train as an apprentice along side the great master craftsman  to do something huge in their lives.   And what's really cool is..... ..    this stuff doesn’t just happen in fantasy.  

It's happening in real life right now, all around you....   Certain governments  recognize apprenticeship as one of the fastest ways to improve their economy. They aim to empower people with trade-learning programs.  They help small businesses by subsidizing the cost of paying apprentices, contributing to the formal education, and they give many other incentives for tradesmen to hire trainees and empower them.   In history too, many very valuable trades were taught that way.  Before universities and educational institutions, a scholar would take on a student who would be unobtrusive and helpful who’d learn from observing.  And as they got better and better, they would start doing their own projects and have the wisdom and guidance of their mentor right to help them.   I like that idea. I’ve always liked it.

It’s going on Around Us Right Now!  In fact, in a big way, “apprenticeship” is how people are being turned into “rockstars” over night in the industry, right now. Yes, right now!   Often, all it takes is to be in the presence of the right person.   And here’s the thing…if i really wanted to show someone how to make  a million dollars, i would have to do it WITH them because that is what has been proven to work... I'd take on apprentices.... where they'd work right along side me... learning my trade secrets.. learning the way I do things every day so when  they launched out... they'd have my skills to duplicate success on their own.   So why  don't you see more people doing this in the online world?   Anyway... that is exactly what I've decided to do and this concept will really help people to learn ONLINE BUSINESS BUILDING principles.  From A to Z.   My way, though. 

Still wondering why all those “how to” courses fail to how-to?  It’s obvious now, isn’t it?  And that's why I’m going to change that. 

This year I’ve started taking on apprentices who I sharing and answering EVERY DEATAIL of the question how can I make a million dollars online FROM SCRATCH With strategies that most of the industry would never DREAM of trying

I called it the Make A Million Apprentice Lab

And I want you to have access to this ENTIRE apprentice training program today…

And I’m completely  convinced of one thing...

Every single one of you who's gotten this far on this site, will take me up on the offer below.

Why? Because it's the most lopsided offer I’ve ever created…. Because during this training which you're about to receive…

I spent 12 full months revealing every tactic I USE TODAY to create shockingly good income…without having to work more than 7 hours per week…

And I pulled back the curtain on everything inside my you can see EXACTLY why I do…what I do…

And how it skyrockets my income while IGNORING and doing the exact opposite of the tactics taught by most so called gurus…

And of course it's got everything you need to have massive and consistent flows of traffic…without doing all of that gut wrenching hard work taught by the experts and gurus out there …

My apprentices are always impressed in the training lab because they'd never been in a training quite like this

So much of what I training them is the opposite extreme...of what they’re heard and seen before. 

I spend every training moment with them, Sharing tactic after tactic...and every training session is filled "aha" moments….

You know… it’s true that there is no magic button to making money online.  But the good news is… there are tons of short cuts!  And I give every single one of my apprentices every shortcut I can possibly squeeze out in every single training session. 


I just completely let loose and shared EVERYTHING I've done to create a six figure business in 3 ½ months from complete SCRATCH.

These are tactics that work in ANY niche... do NOT require you to be an expert at ANYTHING… and website traffic is never a problem

And what's maybe most important about this training…is that I show you how to do it all quickly.

Understandably, my apprentices are glued to their seats during the training sessions.. as I unleash one secret  after another…

While it would take an even LIST all the topics covered in this apprentice program.

Here’s Just a Tiny Snapshot of

What You’re About to Get…


The Rebel Method For Building a “Deep Foundation” Business online.  This is where it all begins- if you are only interested in long term wealth instead of ‘short term quick cash’ that drips dry all too quickly.  If you want wealth that you can retire on, then you need to establish a deep foundation in your business that not only cranks out that quick income, but income that never stops.  This is the way to ensure people will buy from you NOW and Later!  Everybody else is out there teaching about grabbing the quick sale… but what do you do when the quick sale is over?  So I walk you by the hand, video by video, to get it set up quickly and correctly for long term wealth that you’ll never need to worry about. And that’s because this tactic will have your customers and subscribers begging to buy from you again and again.


The Rebel Method For bypassing The 'Skeptical' Trigger And 'Sales Barrier' In Your Customers Mind To Guarantee That They Buy Now.... How To Engage The Reader To Take Action From The Very First Word Of Your Copy, And How
To Get Them To Beg You To Let The Buy.. The Infamous 1-2 Punch That Will Make Your Customers Literally Say... "I Got To Have This!"... The 1 Paragraph You MUST Have To Increase Sales 87%... How To Instantly Get 50% More Opt-Ins And Sales, Without Drive 1 Extra Person To Your Site... 1 Simple Thing To Sky Rocket Your Results By 1200%...

The Rebel Traffic Sources There's no doubt that getting traffic to your new website is a major priority when it comes to getting your website to start making money online.  If you aren't ranked well in a search engine, you're not going to get any traffic unless you pay an arm and a leg for it.  The problem is that even if you are willing to pay for it that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be paying for the right kind of traffic that can lead you to success.  I Share My Secret With You so you can Start Seeing Traffic In As Little As Two Days...

If you get started today with my step-by-step system and actually do what I tell you, you can literally start seeing the traffic that you need showing up at your website within the next 48 hours.

How to OVERCOME the fact that you've got NO name in your industry, no contacts, no influence…and still grow your business by leaps and bounds.

How to generate AUTOMATED income like I do.  If you can make $1,000 a month, then you can just as easily make $10,000 a month and even $100,000 a month with out additional work. This rebel concept  runs hands free whether I work on my business, or ignore it completely.

The Rebel Method For Growing your email list by 1000 a week – every week and How to get your list to trust you…just as much as they'd trust their closest friends' recommendations. When you know this…making money becomes almost too easy.

How to find massive groups of cash-in-hand customers…who are ready to buy from you, before you even contact them.

My rebel method for getting a 400% increase in your email marketing with VERY little effort.

The rebel method for Creating a product in a matter of hours that can make you thousands of dollars each month…even if all you've got is no money !

Watch me crack open my vault of secret resources we use to get mammoth amounts of work done while costing me almost nothing out of pocket

My Rebel Method that even I use, and I sometimes even fall on my face while making all kinds of mistakes, but it still allows me to rake in 23,797 in 48 and over 8,000 in hours flat!  And you can copy this method and do the same thing… or even better!  It never fails to generate money and lots of it.  I’ll teach you exactly how to do it… it’s so easy and takes only  a couple hours of work each time!

My Rebel Templates that I hand you so you can plop them right onto your websites for a stunning boost to your profits...

How to drive endless affiliate traffic while other people do all the work!

How to create video sales messages, that sell like sugar coated candy. In under 2 hours (with practice of course!)

I'm also going to show you where we LEGALLY get high quality images for our website for free.

I'm also going to show you where I LEGALLY get high quality royalty free music for my website and videos for free.

I'm also going to give you high quality video creating software, audio recording software and editing software for FREE  that you can use for videos, audios and podcasts for your website.  I’ll even show you how to use it all so that you’ll be creating powerful profit pulling videos of your own (even with no camera) within 2 hours.

I Know You're Thinking That Sounds Like a Lot

But Wait Until You Here This…


These tactics are like recipes in a cookbook.  You don't need to make everything in the book all at once, Pick something you'd like to see happening in your online business...and do it.

Need a product? Grab one tip and make it happen.  Need traffic? Just plug in my methods.  Need a quick boost of income fast…. Plug in one for that and make that happen. It's up to you.  And you’re probably thinking this is going to be out of your price range…


But Think again.

Because remember, I’m a rebel so I’m doing things backwards…  

Let me illustrate something to show you what I mean…  If you were to attend one of those fancy weekend workshop taught by one of those so called gurus… you’ll end up paying between $2- $10k including travel and expenses.   But what do you end up with?  Probably a bunch of notes, maybe some handouts and some disjointed ideas that sounded good in the classroom, but at home, it’s hard to bring them all together in a logical workable system because there is no system to follow. 

That’s how they do it… but remember, I’m a rebel, so I’m doing things differently

I decided to give a few lucky people a chance to earn while they learn and invite a few apprentices in to my make a million apprentice program…  which is where  I fill every minute of my training sessions with energizing content that will have you finally making money as soon as you start implementing what I show you. 

And if other’s were to all of this, I know they’d charge  $10,000 for this… and in all honesty, it would be worth it considering that implementing just a single method I’ll be teaching can easily crank out over $8,000 in less than a day! 

And you might think I’d charge something like $5k

But as I mentioned earlier I’m not about to make you a "normal offer'


I decided to drop the price so low…that to be honest. It almost scares the heck out of me…

I'm talking about a price less than $297

Less than even $197!

Why am I going so low?

Well, it’s all about that 80% of the pie I mentioned earlier.  You see, I REALLY believe that 80% is a huge asset.  And I’m willing to make that 80% an asset to themselves, because I know… in my heart of hearts, that if I do that… they will become an asset to me, too. 

I have no doubt this little experiment will produce TONS of new success stories...and buzz.

So how could it hurt?

So here it is… my rebel offer…. The game changer… the offer that will have some gurus nervous that I’m doing this…

But I must warn you…when you visit this site again…this price may be gone forever…

But right now…

You can enroll as my apprentice and start working together with me and earning while you learn.. and enroll for not..

 $997 $497 $197 

But just a ridiculously low price

That’s about the price of a daily cup of Starbucks coffee. exchange for EVERY secret I could muster…to build a 7 figure business in the next 12 months.

And I know it’s a crazy low price and  because it's so crazy...I must warn you…that I WILL NOT keep this price up for long.

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We’ll for me… it’s been just the blessing of more time with my family.  More time for walks on the mountain with my dog.  More time for peace and play. 

For me, that is just a taste  of what freedom is all about.

Maybe some of you just want to wake up to money in your inbox …instead of bills…

And that is a great reward… !  And this year… is the year you’ll make it happen.  You have greatness inside you.. and if you haven’t seen that greatness for a while, maybe it’s time you placed yourself in the presence of other people who can help bring it out in you.  You have no idea how incredibly great you are and how many wonderful things you can do with that all of that greatness… you haven’t even scratch the surface yet.  It just takes that first step…. And the other steps cant help but follow.   


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Here’s Just One More Tip You

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Not as a marketer. But just from one human being to another.

Here's some friendly advice.

When you get the chance to get inside the brain of a successful 6 or 7 figure marketer…and she's HOLDING NOTHING back…YOU DO IT.

At any price.

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